Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises up to ten members who are elected by our members each year at the Synagogue Annual General Meeting held around the time of Chanukah.

The Committee is responsible for the administrative and financial management of the Synagogue and for employing a full time Rabbi, Administrator and Caretaker.

There are four Honorary Officers elected annually from within the Committee: The President, Vice President, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary.

Current Executive Committee

Honorary Members:

Leon Benardout, President

Jeremy Touboul, Vice-President

Laurence Julius, Hon Treasurer

Gila Godsi, Hon Secretary

Executive Committee Members:

Stanley Grant

Laura Behar

Leon Sassoon

Alfred Cohen

Ramon Benardout

Yves Shama

Nathaniel Seror



Ms Yanina Dvorkin

If you have questions regarding any aspect of the Synagogue or would like to contact either the Administrator, Rabbi or a member of the Executive Committee, please call the office on 020 7603 7961 or send us an email to admin@hollandparksynagogue.com